• Progressive thinking

    Progressive thinking

  • Effective solutions

    Effective solutions

  • Professional skills

    Professional skills

  • What We Do

    Our market is the Marine Industry. We supply gas detection equipment, portables, fixed gas detection systems, calibration gases, oil mist detectors, emission control systems, ship performance monitoring software, ship energy surveys, dual fuel conversions, torque meters, ICCP, antifouling systems, diesel engines, spare parts, VHF/UHF radios.

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  • Strategy

    The combination of long practical experience with continuous training and partnerships with innovating world class manufacturers, allows us to undertake the most challenging tasks and resolve them successfully. Our aim is satisfied customers. Our dedication to service is our way of life. We know ships and how to handle their problems.

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  • Partners

    Riken Keiki Japan, Riken Keiki Korea, Azienda Chimica Genovese, Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo Kitagawa, Toka Seiki, Air Liquide, STG Gases QMI, Yanmar Engineering, TecnoVeritas, GreenLink Systems, American Communication Systems, Extronics, IHI, Ladac Products, MDI, Teletech Communications. 

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  • Projects

    Our long experience in the Gas Detection area, resulted in the in-house development of the Safe@C software. This web application brings to life the critical timings of events on a ship. When applied to gas detection, it forewarns of critical events such as the calibration deadlines of portable detectors, fixed systems, span gas expiration dates etc.

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